Play Every Town

251 252 Community Concerts for a Cooler Climate


Highlights of Play Every Town concerts are accessible through the individual writeups on the Concerts page.

Individual short pieces

My contribution to “ragging the classics”—Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring in stride piano style

If Bartok had combined Bulgarian dance rhythms with 12-bar blues

Six lovely pieces by the late lamented Chick Corea

The outer bits are my arrangement, the boogie section stolen from a Cliff Jackson record

Slow movement from Schubert’s “little” A major sonata

Extended concert videos

Bartok’s Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm interwoven with pieces of all styles—plus discussion of how Bartok's interest in folk music led to a deep respect for diverse cultures, making him an enemy of the Nazi regime

Bach’s Partita No. 1 interleaved with ragtime and stride. From a conference where the only instrument available was an electronic keyboard—also the case in some small towns on the Play Every Town tour!