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Vermont’s Piano Man

It’s the most epic concert series (sorry, Phish) to ever sweep through Vermont, and you still have about 200 chances to catch a show. Pianist and University of Vermont professor of music David Feurzeig began his quest to perform in all 252 Vermont towns on May 6, 2022. It’lI take about 7 years to reach the finale. Logistics can be tricky: Not every town has a performance-ready grand piano, although Plymouth has a Baldwin played by First Lady Grace Coolidge and Rachmaninoff. Feurzeig will honor that instrument’s 100th anniversary at the Calvin Coolidge Historic Site in September 2024.

But traveling to venues in his electric vehicle is easy. “We have zero range anxiety anywhere in Vermont,” he says. A passionate environmentalist, Feurzeig stopped flying several years ago, and this “obsessively local” tour is his way of resuming performing while also sparking climate conversations and celebrating community in a state that he says has more character-filled towns per capita than any other. All concerts are free and somehow tailored to their location; any donations go to local environmental nonprofits. Find upcoming dates at

—Kim Knox Beckius
AAA Explorer Oct/Nov/Dec 2023

last updated November 08, 2023