Music 109: Harmony & Form I

MU 109 Lectures and Other Video

Video lecture will be posted here no later than the evening before the scheduled class.

Lecture 0: Introduction to the course; syllabus overview (25 min)

Lecture 1, part A: Major scales and keys, some history (21 min)

Though it hurts me to say it, Part A of this lecture is more in the nature of interesting background. It may help things make more sense to you, but if you want just a brass-tacks review of major scales and key sigs you can get by with Part B only.

Lecture 1, part B: Major scales and key signatures (26 min)

Lecture 2: Scale degree names (17 min)

Lecture 3: Minor scales (26 min)

Lecture 4: Pentatonic scales (30 min)

Note that all the info is in the "Scales" handout (in the Topics area) as well.

Lecture 5: Intervals (34 min)

There is also a 9-page primer on intervals in the Topics area.

Lecture 6: Interval fluency (20 min)

Lecture 7: Proper beaming notation (20 min)