Music 109: Harmony & Form I


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week of material
Aug. 31 Review: scales and intervals
Sep. 7 Review: meter
(no class Monday: Labor Day holiday)
Sep. 14 Test 1 (30 minutes) Monday on scales and intervals
then on to Triads: harmonization and analysis
Sep. 21 Seventh chords
Sep. 28 Chord function: roman numeral analysis
Oct. 5 Authentic progression and voice-leading
Harmonization heuristic 1: using tonic and dominant only
Oct. 12 Embellishments
Oct. 19 Test 2 Monday
then on to Cadence types
Oct. 26 Harmonization heuristic 2: adding first inversions and subdominant
Nov. 2 6/4 chords
Nov. 9 Harmonization heuristic 3: adding 6/4 chords, vi, and ii
Nov. 16 Secondary dominants
Nov. 23 Secondary dominant chains; “I Got Rhythm”
(Monday only: Thanksgiving recess follows)
Nov. 30 Mode mixture

Final Exam date, time, format TBD