Music 109: Harmony & Form I

MU 109 Fall 2019


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Best wishes for the break.

Because we did not have our third midterm, originally scheduled for Monday Nov. 4, the first two midterms will count for 15% each (instead of 10% as stated in the syllabus. However, if you did poorly on one or both do not worry!* If your final exam score is higher than your overall exam average, I will count the final (which the syllabus says will count for 20% of your course grade) for the full 50% tests component of your course grade instead.

*Don't worry, but do study.

Frequency of RN functions

The following pictogram, created by Prof. Dmitri Tymoczko of Princeton University, represents the relative frequencies of diatonic chord functions in classical music (specifically, in an average of the Bach 4-part Chorales and the Mozart Piano Sonatas).


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