Music 109: Harmony & Form I

MU 109, Fall 2020

Latest Announcements

Laptops to class Friday! & Install Sibelius

We will explore the notation program Sibelius in class on Friday.

Here are instructions for downloading it. Please install the program before class and (if possible) bring your laptop to class Friday, ideally also headphones or earbuds, so we can take a look at the program together.

Assignment for Friday

is now posted in the Assignments area.

Meetings, week of 9/14

This week we will meet all together and indoors, in our scheduled room: Southwick 301...which is just one floor above the main entry level.

This will hold for Monday and Wednesday. We will see how things go and then decide for sure about Friday.

Assignment (Fluency)

The second online fluency assignment is due Monday night. Here are the details.

Previous Announcements


Remember that online discussion via Yellowdig is a required component of the course (10% of your course grade). Our first points period ends this Friday at 9 PM. In order to get full participation credit you need to earn 100 points by then.

All posts now require that you choose a “Topic”. If you feel there is a Topic we should add to the options, please email me with your suggestion. You can also narrow your focus within a Topic by using hashtags in your posting.


Remember, the handouts posted on the Topics page serve as our text. I will generally distribute these in class, but if you are not scheduled for class when we start a topic you can always download the handout from the website.