Music 109: Harmony & Form I

MU 109, Fall 2020

Latest Announcements

Midterm Exam #2

will be Monday 10/26 in class. See the Tests page for a sample test.


are current as of Thursday 10/15 in the Grades area.

Assignment for Wednesday

is now posted in the Assignments area.

Answer keys to recent assignments

Assignment 18 key.

Assignment 14 key.

Assignment (Fluency)

The sixth online fluency assignment is due Monday night (Oct. 19).

Recent Announcements

Instructions for downloading Sibelius.


Participation in ths online discussion is a continuous requirement of the course. The Yellowdig points "refresh" every Friday at 9 PM. You need to participate every week to earn the required weekly 100 points.


We will continue to meet as a full class as long as infection rates remain low. Windows will stay open so bring appropriate clothing to stay comfortable.


Remember, the handouts posted on the Topics page serve as our text. I will generally distribute these in class, but if you are not scheduled for class when we start a topic you can always download the handout from the website.