Music 061: Creating Music for Video

MU 061 Spring 2018

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Clip(s) of the Week #5: 2001 - A Space Odyssey [Bailey/Howe DVD #49, #1708]

Previous Clips of the Week are here.

I. Original Alex North score

Here are three scenes cut to cues from the original score Kubrick commissioned from Alex North. Note that these are fan edits, and we don't know if the music is synchronized or mixed exactly as originally intended. For that matter, Kubrick may have further edited the film itself after North composed these titles. Still, it gives some idea of the effect North's score would have had.


Night terrors

Dawn of Man and Space Docking scenes

II. Final Score

Here are is the opening, from the Title through the Space Docking scene, as released. This is easily the most famous (and infamous) example of a temp score preempting a composed score. The cues are:
Gyorgy Ligeti, Atmospheres (excerpt)
Richard Strauss, Thus Spoke Zarathustra (1st movement, "Sunrise")
Ligeti, Lux Aeterna (excerpt)
Richard Strauss, "Sunrise" reprise
Johann Strauss (no relation), The Blue Danube Waltz

Note: this is a long clip and may take some time to load.